Széles Út Ltd. has started its activity on the 1st of April, 2004.

The owners are: János Kolok - Managing Director (60% ownership) and Kolokné Melinda Lázár 40% ownership). The operation of Company is managed by János Kolok who has 20 years professional as well as 12 years management experience. He is acting as representative and decision maker in one person.

Our company's accounting is audited by Sóstainé Irén Varga (H-2837 Vértesszőlős, Múzeum rd. 4., Tel: +36 34/ 379-087. Operational Accounting, reporting are done within our company by Földi Mónika Accountant.

Our main profile is the road construction and building of sub-construction like (building roadbeds, drainage activities).

Our Company's net annual turnover in past years:

In year 2012.: 1 260 530 EUR; In year 2013.: 2 956 530 EUR, In year 2014.: 2 312 030 EUR,

In year 2015.: 2 206 120 EUR

Number of employees at current: 26 people as manual worker and 5 head-workers

Széles Út Ltd. has determinate position in field road constuction in it's region, area. This position is supported by our wide plant (machines) and professionals as well.

Our Company's main goal is to keep and strengthen it's market position in the region, to reach this we continually keep in touch with our key partners and search for new opportunities, partners to grow.

Our obtained projects are delivered in 1st class quality and we are always there in case of guarantee service.

We consider of importance to provide safe and stable working conditions for our employees.